​The Center for Pediatric Brain Health's Training Mission

Our mission is to identify future generations of investigators and provide the necessary support to nurture these scientists into tomorrow's leaders. To achieve these goals, we have both long-term training programs (e.g., fellowships) and shorter training opportunities (e.g., seminars and workshops). Overall, we aim to provide extensive support and training to the regional scientific community in the latest methods of cognitive neuroscience. Scroll down for more details on all of our training offerings.

Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

The Center for Pediatric Brain Health sponsors a postdoctoral fellowship program with two positions (each is two years in duration) for promising graduates in the field of cognitive neuroscience. Successful candidates will have demonstrated expertise in neuroimaging, statistical modeling, and/or cognitive neuroscience. Candidates with previous experience in developmental psychology and/or pediatric neuroscience will be given preference. However, we primarily seek the best candidates to join our team. Major research-dedicated tools in the Center for Pediatric Brain Health includes two MEGIN TRUIX Neo systems, which are the most advanced MEG units currently available, a 3T Siemens Prisma MRI system, a mock MRI scanner, high-definition transcranial direct-current and alternating-current stimulation (HD-tDCS/tACS) equipment, and extensive support staff for neuropsychological testing and recruitment. Postdoctoral fellows will join a vibrant and growing group of cognitive neuroscientists in Omaha using state-of-the-art neuroimaging equipment and resources, with ample local opportunities for career development.

We are currently seeking applications for this program, with start dates as early as January 2022. Please see our full request for Postdoctoral Fellowship Applications below.

Summer Scholars Program

The Center for Pediatric Brain Health's Summer Scholars Program is an annual 10-week program which aims to give promising undergraduate students hands-on experience with neuroscience research. This program provides an unparalleled opportunity to experience and conduct neuroimaging research using state-of-the-art technology. This program also includes participation in professional development workshops, journal clubs, and lab meetings. All students selected for participation in the program receive a competitive stipend. At the conclusion of the summer, all students will have the opportunity to present their research findings at a summer retreat.

Summer Scholars 

The application and selection process for 2022 Summer Scholars has concluded. Please check back here in December 2022 for more detailed information on how to apply for the 2023 Summer Scholars program!

​​Center for Pediatric Brain Health Seminar Series

The Center for Pediatric Brain Health hosts monthly one hour seminars on recent research findings with leaders in the field of cognitive neuroscience.

Returning in 2022.

​​Center for Pediatric Brain Health Career Development Series

Our Career Development Series hosts monthly presentations related to professional development and scientific research career development. 

Returning in 2022.

​​Methodology Workshops

The Center for Pediatric Brain Health is pleased to present three workshops per year that focus on hands on training using the latest technology available to cognitive neuroscientists who focus on development and/or aging. 

We offer an annual Magnetoencephalography (MEG) Boot Camp. MEG Boot Camp is a combination of lectures and hands-on data acquisition and analysis training taught by local MEG scientists. This course provides a basic understanding of MEG physics, physiology, research design, data acquisition, and analytics using lectures and hands-on training. This is usually offered every year in June. If you are interested in attending next year's MEG Boot Camp, please email​.