For Community Partners


​​​​​​​​The term 'community partner' refers to any group, organization, or individual that works with researchers to host the BTRV. Community centers, neighborhood associations, schools, churches, businesses, and non-profits organizations are a few examples of community partners.

Prospective Community Partners

We build relationships with community partners across Nebraska, Iowa, and beyond to host research studies. Interested groups, organizations, or individuals can fill out the contact form for the BTRV to connect with our team and start planning your mobile research event.

Types of Studies

We have a variety of hearing and speech-language research studies and screenings for children and adults. We can work with you on which study or screening is best for your community.

 What do partners do?

  • Help inform the research team of the needs and resources of each community.
  • Meet with the research team to design an on-site plan that works for each community.
  • Spread the word about the research study in their communities.
  • Share relevant health information with their communities.
  • Provide children in their communities the opportunity to participate in science!

What does the research team do?

  • Provide relevant health screenings and the opportunity to participate in research.
  • Bring the necessary expertise and infrastructure for the research study to our partners.
  • Offer informational sessions on the research study and relevant health matters.
  • Provide relevant health materials for partners to share with their communities.
  • Work with partners to help community members connect with relevant resources for medical care.​