Current and Past T32 Trainees

​​​Current Postdoctoral Fellows


​​Anastasia Kerr-GermanTiana Cowan, PhD

Dr. Tiana Cowan is a clinical speech-language pathologist and postdoctoral fellow in the Human Auditory Development Lab under the direction of Dr. Lori Leibold. Dr. Cowan completed her Master of Arts in Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of Houston where she completed a thesis evaluating the diagnostic accuracy of two language sample measures. Dr. Cowan completed her doctoral training at Pennsylvania State University in Communication Sciences and Disorders and Language Science. Her dissertation explored how the semantic similarity between replacement errors and target words predicts lexical knowledge in Spanish/English bilingual adults. Dr. Cowan's research interests include bilingual sentence processing, clinical language assessment practices, and implementation science. Her interests also include understanding how language influences speech recognition in adverse listening conditions across the lifespan. Her short-term aims are to determine the time-course of adaptation to talker variability for monolingual and bilingual children and to identify factors that mediate age effects in adaptation. Learn more about Dr. Tiana Cowan's work here.   ​

​​Anastasia Kerr-German​Kathryn Wiseman, PhD

Kathryn Wiseman is a postdoctoral research fellow in the Audibility, Perception, and Cognition Lab. Kathryn's research interests include developmental outcomes in children with hearing loss who use hearing aids and/or cochlear implants in order to enhance clinical assessment and intervention for these children. Kathryn completed her AuD/PhD at the University of Texas at Dallas, where her research and clinical work centered on children who use cochlear implants. During her postdoc at Boys Town, Kathryn has examined the connection between auditory perception and language abilities in children with hearing aids and the role of auditory linguistic experience in that relationship. Learn more about Kathryn's work here and contact her here.​​

Past Postdoctoral Fellows

​​Anastasia Kerr-GermanAryn Kamerer, PhD​

Aryn Kamerer is an Assistant Professor in the Communication Disorders and Deaf Education Department at Utah State University, and Director of the Hearing Health and Physiology Lab. Aryn completed her PhD in Audiology at the University of Kansas and a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Boys Town under the mentorship of Daniel Rasetshwane and Stephen Neely. The goal of Aryn's research is to develop clinical tools to diagnose auditory pathologies and understand how cochlear pathologies intersect with cognitive and psychosocial aspects of hearing. Learn more about Aryn's work ​​and contact her here.​