Well Checks

​​​​​The health and safety of o​ur patients and their families are our top priority. Please review our COVID-19 information for patients and families for the latest i​nformation on visitors, screeni​ngs, clinic consolidations and other ways we are working to help keep our patient famili​es protected.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​At well check visits, you can learn about and track your child’s gro​wth and developmental milestones with your pediatrician. Each visit includes a complete physical exam, measuring growth and tracking changes. Write down any questions and concerns and bring them​ to each well check visit!​

Well check visits are an important part of monitoring the overall health of your child. These visits are a time to review and discuss important areas of your child's development - physical, social, emotional and cognitive.



72nd St-Well Check Visits72nd-street-clinichttps://tstauthoring.boystown.org/Lists/ServiceLocationsCatalog/DispForm.aspx?ID=10872nd St-Well Check Visits72nd Street Clinic7205 W Center Rd, Ste 1047205 W Center Rd<br>Ste ​104OmahaNE68124(531) 355-7684ServiceLocationCatalog72nd Street Clinic
Downtown Clinic-Well Check Visitsboys-town-hospital-downtownhttps://tstauthoring.boystown.org/Lists/ServiceLocationsCatalog/DispForm.aspx?ID=104Downtown Clinic-Well Check VisitsDowntown Clinic555 N 30th St555 N 30th StOmahaNE68131(531) 355-6363ServiceLocationCatalogDowntown Clinic
Harrison Street Clinic-Well Check Visitsharrison-street-clinichttps://tstauthoring.boystown.org/Lists/ServiceLocationsCatalog/DispForm.aspx?ID=107Harrison Street Clinic-Well Check VisitsHarrison Street Clinic6715 S 180th St6715 S 180th StOmahaNE68135(531) 355-2300ServiceLocationCatalogHarrison Street Clinic
Lakeside Clinic-Well Check Visitslakeside-clinichttps://tstauthoring.boystown.org/Lists/ServiceLocationsCatalog/DispForm.aspx?ID=102Lakeside Clinic-Well Check VisitsLakeside Clinic16929 Frances St, Ste 101​​​16929 Frances​ St<br>Ste 101OmahaNE68130(531) 355-4900ServiceLocationCatalogLakeside Clinic
Maple Street Clinic-Well Check Visitsmaple-street-clinichttps://tstauthoring.boystown.org/Lists/ServiceLocationsCatalog/DispForm.aspx?ID=134Maple Street Clinic-Well Check VisitsMaple Street Clinic3838 N 167 Ct3838 N 167 CtOmahaNE68116(531) 355-7500ServiceLocationCatalogMaple Street Clinic
Pacific Street Clinic-Well Check Visitspacific-street-clinichttps://tstauthoring.boystown.org/Lists/ServiceLocationsCatalog/DispForm.aspx?ID=100Pacific Street Clinic-Well Check VisitsPacific Street Clinic​​​​​14080 Boys Town Hospital ​Rd​​​​​14080 Boys Town Hospital ​RdBoys TownNE68010(531) 355-6900ServiceLocationCatalogPacific Street Clinic

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