Hearing Aids for Children


​​​Our goal is to promote communication development in all children with hearing loss. If developing spoken language is the family’s goal, we make speech as audible and accessible as possible. We fit the most current digital hearing aids and assistive listening devices with research-supported pediatric protocols. In a child-friendly atmosphere, we counsel families and provide advocacy for their children. The close link between our clinic and the National Institutes of Health (NIH)-funded research department ensures that we provide our patients with the most current information about hearing loss and hearing aids for children.

Aspects of the Hearing Technology Center

  • All of our audiologists have extensive experience with pediatrics and are state-licensed and nationally-certified.
  • Loaner hearing aids are available for children to use immediately while parents investigate funding options to help defray the cost of hearing aids.
  • Demonstration hearing aids are kept in the office for older children to listen to when deciding on new hearing aids.

If you are concerned with your child's hearing, you may have many questions such as:

To help answer these questions and many more, please see our Downloadable Resources section for more information.

“My Baby's Hearing” babyhearing.org is a website for parents whose baby has been identified as deaf or hard of hearing. It is available in English and Spanish Español.




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