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First-Time Seizure Clinic

Less time from call to care for first-time seizures in kids

New onset or first-time seizures occur in 5-10% of all children. These can be attributed to multiple different causes, and often do not require further treatment. However, they are a significant source of concern for parents and health care providers alike.

Boys Town's First-Time Seizure Clinic is here to provide quick and accurate diagnosis and management of first-time seizures in children. Here, children are evaluated by the region's leaders in pediatric neurology and epilepsy care. Should your child need further diagnostic testing, you will find it all right here at Boys Town National Research Hospital.

Who can be seen at the First-Time Seizure Clinic?

Any child who has had his or her first seizure within the last month can be seen in this clinic. The Clinic is designed to help identify the cause of the child's first seizure and help the family establish a management or treatment plan if necessary. The child should meet the following criteria for this clinic:

  • Had his/her first seizure within the last month, or is waiting on a referral to a neurologist following a visit to an Emergency Room, urgent care clinic, or pediatrician's office
  • Has NOT yet seen a neurologist or diagnosed with epilepsy or seizure disorder

If your child is currently waiting for a neurology visit for his or her first seizure, the First-Time Seizure Clinic may be an option to have your child evaluated sooner.

If your child has been diagnosed with epilepsy, seizure disorder or other neurological conditions and you are looking to schedule a visit with one of our pediatric neurologists, please contact Boys Town Pediatric Neuroscience at 531-355-7420. We can see your child will less time from call to care.

What if my child has another seizure?

If your child has a second seizure after your evaluation with us, contact us right away, day or night. You have already established care with Boys Town Pediatric Neuroscience and our team of pediatric neurologists and nurses will be available to guide you on next steps in your child's care.

If your child is experiencing seizures and you have not established care with us, contact your primary care provider or contact our clinic to request an appointment with Boys Town Pediatric Neuroscience.



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