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A hospital visit can be an anxious experience. You will meet many doctors, nurses and other people who will do the best to make your experience a positive one. Anesthesiologists are physicians with special training in the anesthetic care of patients. Boys Town anesthesiologists are concerned with many aspects of your care. Their main task is to provide safe, optimal conditions during surgery and to make the entire hospital stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

What is Anesthesia?

There are many ways to deliver anesthesia depending on the type of operation. Types of anesthesia used are:

  • Regional nerve blocks using “numbing medicine"
  • Sedation with general anesthesia
  • Combination of the above methods

General anesthesia is a state of controlled unconsciousness produced by special medications and gases that have temporary effects on every organ of the body. The anesthesiologist constantly regulates the medications and gases during the operation. The patient will remain in this special kind of controlled unconsciousness and will feel no pain, will not wake up during the operation and will remember nothing of the procedure. During surgery, anesthesiologists carefully individualize and regulate the patient's anesthetic agents and skillfully reverse the effects of the medications at the completion of the operation.


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